Intui EastWest

Developing, strenghting and maintainnig confidence in intuition is paramount to deep understanding, period. We curate regular events for you to make intuition a known strength, and offer special one time workshops as well. 

Noten Meditation             Dream Share
Inspired Voices                  Inyo Dialog
Yijing Study                      Koan Study

Noten Meditation

Meeting Weekly. New, regular and seasoned meditators are welcome to drop by for an early evening meditation from 6:15 - 7pm. As an expression of openness, Noten provides a non-dogmatic approach to meditation. Come relax, breathe, enjoy silence and depart.

Several chairs and cushions provided on a first come first serve basis. Please plan for your own comfort. Make sure you are hydrated beforehand and prepare to be in a quiet space and period of silence after the introductions are completed. We practice in a shoes-off space.

If new to meditating, please inform us and you'll be given some basic instruction on how to proceed. Regular partipcants will be trained more thoroughly. Member program optional. Minimal $3 fee requested, donations accepted, and no one turned away for lack of funds. RSVPs appreciated.

For longer periods of meditation and walking meditation, see Zenmi Practice Area.

Dream Share

Meeting Monthly. Enjoy sharing a dream in an informal atmosphere. Dreams have meaningful associations, relevancy in our lives and bring us endless fascination. We can learn from sharing our dreams in an informal and safe setting. Come discover how one another's natural insight can amplify your own understanding of dreams. In turn we can be better situated in life and feel good. Bring a dream - either from memory or one that you have written down. Payment is voluntary, no one turned away for lack of funds. RSVPs appreciated. We generally end at 9 pm.

Inspired Voices

Meeting Monthly. This regular circle that fosters inspired communication, group meditation, and serves to welcome voices from beyond our everyday experience. Full fledged and emergent messages from deep, inspired, intuitive, and spiritual energies, and self, are afforded awareness and presence.

Participants may express and grow their ability in delivering messages as an Inspired Voice, however that creatively manifests as aspects of ourselves and community. Also, participants may wish to receive messages from an Inspired Voice, or simply sit in silence. Silence is welcomed, and cultivating listening is encouraged.

Payment is voluntary, no one turned away for lack of funds. RSVPs necessary.

Inyo Dialog

Meeting Monthly. Purely analog time, soft light included. At this evening session we'll allow Inyo, a trance voice to speak to your thoughts and engage us with some messages. Group discussion, beforehand, during, afterwards. All welcome! 0 suggested contribution or as able, RSVPs appreciated for planning purposes please! Meeting Midtown East.

Payment is voluntary, no one turned away for lack of funds. RSVPs necessary.

Yijing / I-Ching

In this workshop we join together to consult and study the Yijing (ee-jing) as a theme setter for contemplation and meditation. This workshop includes instruction in drawing out a Yijing image (if needed), discussion of the image, and a few periods of silent meditation with feedback.

The Yijing is a helpful way to frame the energies of life and life matters, it leads to greater self understanding. It is also an enjoyable way to explore Yin Yang philosophy and internal / soft style arts (such as Taijii and Taoist arts, which the Yijing informs and actually predates).

Dress comfortably and be prepared to sit for few times for 5 minutes in silence. A notepad may be useful for those that wish to keep a record, and participants may bring their own version of the Yijing if they wish. The workshop typically runs for 2 - 3 hours.

Suggested donation of $20-$30, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Questions? Contact us.