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About Us

EastWest Works offers original group programs and individual sessions in distinct practice areas. We work-play with people to develop personal awareness, insight and perception, emphasizing discovery and reliance upon abilities natural to all. Our works grow through structured trainings and explorations in gatherings, labs, classes, workshops, etc.

In service to community, we operate as a low-profit organization. 

At times we charitably collaborate through arrangements with other entitites, and have no endowment or sponsor. Additonally we provide complementary, custom and outsourced services for other enterprises.

Our evolution stems from undulation. This meme signifies and represents the importance of undestanding frequency, oscillation, waves and an idea of east-west/ lateral/ sideways movement, ripple effect, cyclicity, yin yang. 

Going more deeply into this affords, or brings up a property/ quality of remembrance.

Our works also suggest that of going in, movement from inside and inward, and returning, respiration. Formerly our org employed the Japanese suffix "-in", referring to a subtemple of a larger complex. So EastWest Works, represents a subtemple of life, not from some formal faith or organization, but as a memory within each of us, beginning with your very own, innermost center.


What and/ or who is Inyo? Well, if you've been to an Inspired Voices or Inyo Dialog gathering, you'd know that Inyo is an information stream that colludes and speaks through Inoshi as a trance voice.

Pronounced: een-yoh, this voice also falls into the channeled, immortal, cosmic and primordial realms of intelligence.

Besides engaging participants at our monthly circles, people may schedule private sessions with Inyo. Inyo commonly gives essence names to those who request one.

On the Sublime

Words fail, and words pale. Or rather, when words can't seem to capture the moment, the awesomeness, the exquisiteness, then maybe, just maybe the sublime has become apparent. The sublime is that which remains unvoicable, inmanifest, unexplainable and inexplicable. Some prefer to think of it as the vast subconcious, in which case though we're unlimited in our potential, the sublime makes up most everything.

Science's recent focus on the domain of dark matter evidences this. Even when dark matter becomes satisfactorily explained, there will be more, sublime.

We can not rid ourselves of the sublime, however it seems that we often do not acknoweledge it, its neccesity and the helpfulness of admitting as a species, though you've come a long way baby, humanity still has much to learn, and bring into language.

Why get in touch with the sublime, and how? Why, so you have one word to speak about it, if you wish, when you experience it. Yes, you can experience not mentally knowing, and sensing the grandeur of existence, the ineffable. You don't have to be a poet or inebriated on drugs to do so either.

At EastWest Works we invite you to find and appreciate the sublime, through meditation, inquiry, self study and practice. It's not hard to do, it just often gets ignored. After all, why let the sublime touch you when you can be distracted by a device, or a thought? How do you talk or share about something that expresses itself outside of words?  

Take a moment, even now, it doesn't have to be monumental, but intimate, close, present.

Downplay It

Downplay it! De-emphasize and de-dramatize the intensity of about what you're going to do with, and maybe to, others. It isn't worth it. Save your heightened emotion for a right time, otherwise you and others will tire of it awfully fast. Stop making absurb and useless claims. Slow down your internal tempo and tune into a deeper vibration.

When you downplay it you take a moment not to escalate tension, to keep it cool, move freely. When you downpay it, be careful not to diminish and discount yourself or others, just decrease out of proportion emphasis that has usually been created due to artificial rather than genuine reasons. Do it within yourself, ask why something is so important to you? 

If it's important does it really call for the type and amount of energy your putting into it at this moment? Downplaying itself really isn't a way to bypass the importance of anything. Rather, it's a skill you can develop to accomplish balanced communication and new avenues of depth and observation. Are you constantly playing things up? Now you can play down: reduce the hype.

No Rank Zen

What's this "no rank" business? Elsewhere in these pages we mention that Inoshi acts as a no rank Zen guide; so let's unpack that.

No rank means; no rank, no hierarchy, no level, and no status. In Zen practice, this no rank non-status is a kind of prized way of being. It's seems paradoxixcal, but that's Zen.

The typical phrase is "a true man of no rank". Let's change that to "a real person of no rank", since a man is not a woman, and vice versa. And, for "true", well, we'll leave that alone for now.

In Rinzai Zen (known as Linji Chan in Chinese), after the personage of Rinzai, there is a koan attributed to him on this topic. However, rather than work up an interpretation of this koan, we're simply going to lift it, and use it.

EastWest Works wants people to know that when instructing Zen, either embodiedly or mentally, its teacher/s has/have no rank. There's been no outside authorization, nobody, and no organization that has issued a dharma seal (inka), or a transmission from the zen ages.

There exists an idol of ordination, dangled before people as a manipulative carrot of behavior modifcation by sanghas (spiritual communities, practice groups and organizitions) and society for ceremonial reasons.

Most of these groups can not recognize Buddha (awakened) nature in their midst, so they create a means to qualify people whether they have it or not, and to be more egalitarian among their existing members.

Who's trying to determine another's qualification? Why not keep it chill and no rank it. 

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