Unu offers original programs, in distinct practice areas, emphasizing discovery and reliance upon intuitive science and natural functioning. Through development of personal awareness and perception, and promotion of holistic healing with Energy Medicine, complementary and hybrid services are developed and provided.

Unu represents many themes: signifying undulation, frequency, oscillation, waves and an idea of east-west / lateral / sideways movement, a ripple effect, cyclicity, yin yang.  Unu also sounds like "you knew", bringing up a property / quality of remembrance.

The origins of Unu initially came from "U" in the Pali word "upassaya" (Pali being an ancient sister language to Indian Sanskrit). Pronounced: uh-PAH-syah (as vipassana becomes vee-PAH-snah), it translates to ‘dwelling’: of oneself, of spirit, of the divine. A grounded yet spiritual place of belonging, resonance and healing.

Unu operates a benevolence, and at times as a non-profit through arrangements with such organizations. At present having no endowment or other financial resources to support its activities.