Welcome to Unu-in, an East-West informed pan-cultural endeavor in human understanding, and community based in NYC. Our programs are designed and organized to engage you with dialog, embodied practice, meditation and intelligent energy. 

Unu activities provide people with multiple nodes to direct and safe experience of self awareness, to reach understanding and eventual wellness in life. Our premise reflects diversity, by recognizing each person as an indelible expression of all that is.

We provide space for people, at their own pace, to personally access and connect with their essential selves, thereby fostering more bliss and ease.

Your participation is welcome. Thank you for dropping by.

Unu (yoo-noo) grows wellness communities through structured, embodied and spiritual explorations in gatherings, labs and workshops.

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310 E 46 - 5J • New York NY 10017 • 646-801-9218