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  • EastWest Works Events & News
    Sent bi-weekly or weekly, sometimes less. Most events local to NY City. Soul circles such as Dream Share
    Inspired Voices, Inyo Dassana, Noten Meditation, Reiki Natural Healing and new or special workshops.
  • EastWest Works General News
    Usually sent 1x monthly, sometimes less.
  • Taiji EastWest
    Community w/ interest in Yin Yang related physical culture and philosophy: Taiji, Push Hands (Tuishou), Qigong, Yijing (I-Ching) and Taoist related arts.
  • Energy Flux
    Weekly notification of absentee / distant / remote healing group.
  • Inyo Vega
    Periodic notices about new moon currents for those familiar with Inyo.


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